Versione Italiana

As an authorized vehicles gathering centre in the province of Treviso, for years our company has been specialised in the demolition sector of industrial vehicles and vans of a great number of trade marks such as IVECO, FIAT, SCANIA, VOLVO, MERCEDES, MAN, DAF, RENAULT.
With over than 500 demolished vehicles a year we have a huge range of salvaged replacement parts in stock: cabins, engines, gear boxes, differentials, axles, hydraulics, wheels of various sizes, transmissions and different parts salvaged from the destroyed vehicles.
We collect vehicles of any age and type: trucks, industrial and road vehicles, trailers and so on. In this way he wave a large selection also of components such as: goods lifts, cranes, tanks, generators, refrigerators, etcetera.
We deal not only with Italian companies but frequently our clients are from Europe, Africa and Middle East and we are deeply appreciated for our professionality and reliability.